We either have it or we can make it!

We are serious about the above statement: bring (a photo in an email or just a description over the phone works as well) to us whatever you want to frame and we will give expert help to chose the best option for your artwork.

Finding the best frame can elevate the looks and the value of an artwork. Wether it goes in your bedroom, on a wall in your office of you give it as a gift, you can be sure we will have the perfect frame for it - if not, our we can create something special as our bespoke service.

Over 400 different frames to choose from

Over 400 different moulding to chose from, not counting the different colour options for each. Combine that with over 80 different mounts (passpartus) and we can safely say that the options are in the thousands.

Wood Picture Frames

The oldest and most popular material was and always will be wood when it comes to picure framing. Most of our selection using this material: from the modern, flat throught the classic and intricate to the experimental.

There is always something fresh and new, just like everything picture frames evolve over time. You can always find the latest trend in our shop but if you are after something that will surely stand the test of time, we got you sorted.

Aluminium Picture Frames

Thanks to the latest technologies, more and more options are available for metal picture frames. Not just different colours but there are more and more profiles are available every year.

Thre's the classic, brushed aluminium colour but now we have 'ruby red', 'grasshopper green' and 'florentine silver', just to name a few. And the era of the flat, simple profile is over - not that thre's anything wrong with that but it is always good when you have different choices. Now we have scoops, angular lines, box frames and more!

One of the biggest advantage of an aluminium frame is that it has astonishing strength: a very thin (less than 1cm) frame can hold a big piece of glass and print. Combine this amazing sturdiness with how light these frames are and you have something very special.

Be inspired by the beauty and simplicity of aluminium.

Modern, simple, elegant - perfect combination

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

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