Graphic Design Trends of 2018 - Vol. 1; Double it up!

Year of the double

We can safely say that the year 2018 will be a "double" year. Everything is cool that's doubled when it's in the right hands.

Double Exposure

Double Exposure, also known as multi-exposure, has been here for many years. Despite the fact that some designers have abandoned this trend, we see a rise of double exposure and it's clear why: this technique is an easy way to impress people with.

Double exposure is a phenomenon when two images are shot on the same frame. It was a common problem in analog photography. The machine didn't wind the film due to some mechanical problem. We can say photos like this were happy accidents.

Today, however, it has become a popular technique and art style. We can see these pictures in photography, web design and even in publishing. Here are some amazing examples:

Two-tone exposure (duotone):

The phrase "I see two" can mean something completely different nowadays. This trend is the crossing of doutone and double exposure, with the use of colour channels. In short, for double-exposure, we have to duplicate the image or use two different overlapping images mixed with monochrome colours. We can call this the "get ahead of time" effect, it brings a little bit of dynamic to the image, which can visualise a new dimension, the extent of time.

Dual light

Another major "double" of the 2018 graphic trends is twin, colourful lights. This effect can transform a simple composition into something daring and modern.

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