Graphic Design Trends of 2018 - Vol. 3; "Ruined" and "glitched"

The art of destruction

We can say that graphic designers sometimes become too obsessed with too much creative work to get some R and R they started to "destroy art". With their talent and creativity, they "ruin" pictures to entertain their narrow professional circle, as few appreciate these solutions. Then a style emerged from this effect.

Everything that involves splintering, scratching, tearing, breaking or anything that ruins the aesthetics of the composition is a modern trend in 2018. Of course, do not confuse with thousands of popular memes in the online world, but with a little creativity you can achieve an artistic look.

It's exciting, but it's a very difficult and decisive style of creativity. The world of fashion loves it. Clearly youthful, rebellious solution!

The "Glitch" effect

It seems that what once was annoying, today is actually a desirable effect.

2018 is a year in which damaged images have a great impact on the world of graphic design. They can even shape the face of the print world and can also be backed up in magazines and catalogs.

It's obviously a progressive style, but if you manage to put it into context, you can easily focus the attention with it. This effect is getting more and more popular. Tv shows, album covers, magazines started using it.

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