Special Offer - Design packages for restaurants, cafes and bars

We worked with restaurants and hotels for years and we know what it takes to run and promote a business. It's hard to concentrate on the day to day aspect of the business while you also have to consider how it shows itself to the world, how your potential customers see you. So let's simplify things! We can help you with the essentials: logo, business cards, e-mail templates and so on. We created special 'graphic design packages' that restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels can choose with confidence.​



It starts with a chat, so we can see what you are aiming for, what is your story. Then we take a look at the existing designs (if there's any) and we go from there. NW Creative is here to help you with the design and branding to make sure your marketing is as effective as possible. From start to finish - from the concept to print.


The following pre-designed packages are a good place to start, but if you need something different, we're happy to give you a custom quote. Don't hesitate to contact us.

This is where it begins, where your brand starts to shape form.​​

  • logo

  • business card
    design and print (500 copies)

  • menu card
    design and print
    (50 copies)

  • flyers, leaflets
    design and print (1000 copies)

A full package to make sure the digital and physical aspects of your business represented clearly and consistently.

Basic package plus:

  • social media template

  • e-mail template

  • small photo shoot on location (5-6 pictures)

  • complimentary slips and letterhead templates​​

If you already have a running business but it needs some touch-up.

  • logo

  • business card
    design and print (500 copies)

  • menu card
    design and print
    (50 copies)

  • flyers, leaflets
    design and print (1000 copies)

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know you create what I want and like?
We have multiple years of experience and a tested system to make sure we will not just meet but over exceed your expectations.
How long does it take?
Every project is different, after the initial discussion we can have a better idea about the timeframe.
What will I get exactly?
For the prints, we tried to select the best-sellers, but everything (size, material, finishing, quantity) can be changed to suit your needs. The business cards are the standard UK sized, 450gsm heavy paper, laminated on both sides. The flyers are the standard 130gsm paper in DL size (99 x 210mm). Menus are double sided, A4 sized, laminated cards.
The templates for prints are supplied in PDF's and word documents. The emails are created for whichever e-mail client the customer use.
Can I see examples?
Definitely! Head over to our graphic design and printing pages to see our work.

Terms and Conditions

NW Creative offers estimates ONLY. Billing will reflect the actual costs incurred. Estimates are valid for 30 days. Any desired changes expressed by the client to be made following the start of the project will be billed at £45 an hour in addition to the estimated price. A written notice of extra charges will be given to the client before the changes are applied. The client is responsible for ALL PROOFING.


Changes to work assignment: Client understands that the proposal is based on information the client has supplied. If adjustments are made in the assignment or if additional work is necessary because of unforeseen circumstances, a review and renegotiation will be expected.


Time Frame: Work is scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Expect delivery of the project within the agreed upon time of the signed agreement, dependent on the client’s timely response to proofs.


Intellectual property: NW Creative will not use any photos, copyrighted material or any other type of intellectual property without a release from the owner. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain the release and/or only use original content.


Any additional purchases: such as images for website design or third party costs will be charged to the client at full price paid.


Projects begin upon receipt of a 50% non-refundable deposit and any required content provided by the client is received. Billing will be every 30 days after the initial deposit.


Payments: can be made with card payment, cash, check or Paypal.


Remaining balances: will be expected immediately upon delivery of the finished project. The complete balance must be received before the final release of the finished files. A late fee will be added to the balance at 1.5% per month until the balance and late fee is paid.


Right to display: NW Creative will keep projects confidential until publication. NW Creative reserves the right to display the finished project for promotional purposes.

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